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Plant sales

The Arboretum has its own plant sales point. The majority of the species we have on offer come from seeds selected from the garden, while we reproduce others vegetatively. There is no fixed and permanent offer, since the batches themselves are not large and the selection often changes. If you are searching for any specific species, then we would recommend that you phone us to find out if we have them in stock at that particular moment. If not, then it is still well worth visiting us. There are always fascinating plants, rarely encountered in Poland, for sale here. We also have a permanent stock of various interesting curios which will intrigue collectors. Unavailable on the nursery market, they include rare species of maples and magnolias, Styrax, Pterostyrax, Oplopanax, Kalopanax, Cercidiphyllum and many others.

We do not sell plants by mail order, but only on site, at the Arboretum!

Sales point opening hours:

Weekends and public holidays